Posted by: xcarolineeex | April 17, 2010

Last post of dah beastly beast.

in the long run, this has been a good one.

eyo guys. the beastleh beast is closin fo rizzles this time. theres currently 3 days, 20 hours, 48 minutes and some seconds left before it runs out. i wonder if i can get a countdown on here.. hahaha. yeah but if anyone wants to send me money any time in the next three days, go for it. but other than that, im not payin anymore.

R.I.P. BEAST CHATBOX. July 2008 – April 2010.

the last post sill has my contact information, so if anyone still reads this feel free to message me, IM me, get in touch. i love you all greatly and im glad i had some kind of incouter with all of you. my life is changed fo the best yo.

when i do get on bribble, ill be on the TRT. whenever that is [:

Ryan made a xat for us. if you want to get on, and see who’s on or whatnot go heree:

ill try to get on that as well whenever i can.

Huggssss and kissessss. <3333
Posted by: xcarolineeex | March 14, 2010

yeah i’d say its time for an update.

hello all!

its been a little too long now hasnt it =p i finally got a break from school so im gonna update this shizzzz.

sooo, these months are getting harder to pay for.. so if anyone would like to pay please let me know and i will give you full admin rights as long as you abide to my rules and i trust you enough for you to gain these rights. its much appreciated if you pay. and i will be extremely greatful :D.

and if im not on or i do not check this, you all are welcome to emailing me and IMing me.
AIM: drcute444
just in case you all wanna get in touch with me.

heres somee music!

little secrets – passion pit

painting flowers – all time low

what if – safetysuit

truth – chiddy bang ft passion pit

white sky – vampire weekend

and thats it [:
comment with suggestions for how to make this blog even better than it already is *wink*
keep it cool guyz.
Posted by: xcarolineeex | November 17, 2009

another yearr, time for more mistakes.

heyy guyzzz. so not that much is new in the world of the beast chatbox. monica changed the names n junkk and i will change those back sometime. but right now its nice to keep it up [:  as almost all of you know, it was my birthday on saturdayy. now its time to get back in the swing of school n stuff. wooot! whose excited for new moon?! I AMMM!! :D:D prolly not gonna see it on opening night, but im still excited [: anywhoozleee heres some music [:

Posted by: xcarolineeex | October 24, 2009

sleeps just time spent wasting time.

i need to learn how to sleep again cause i epicly fail sometimes.

for those of you that actually still read this, thanks. haha you keep me going. =pp this pointless blog is just an addition to the pointless things i do in life and it makes me feel amazin when people actually enjoy it somewhat..

annnnnyways. heres musica.

mmmm metro stationn.

mmmmm stages and stereos =p

snow patrol.

nickasaur [:

i think thats itt. im gonna try to fall asleep now. peace [:

Posted by: xcarolineeex | September 19, 2009


im procrastinating my homework. i decided that this would be a good place for me to practice my good language art skillz. so from now on im gonna be all proper when it comes to writing n stuff. not on bribble, just on here. hahahaha. starting……….. NOW.

Hello Everybody!

…. screw that. i dont have anything to say anymore.  anyways heres some el musica.

Posted by: xcarolineeex | August 19, 2009

i’ve been going crazy, im stuck in here.

hey guyzerz. so everyones going back to school soon.. [[including me. i start tomorrow D:]] so things are gonna be slower on the chat noww.. which reeeeally sucks. to everyone in the uk that comes to mine, im sorry theres not gonna be that many people on when you’re up now.. but if you really need to talk to someonee ima make a page for that so you can have conversations with people if you want.. or need. its really up to you. and if its totally pointless and if no one uses it, ill delete it =p

anywayss. el musica of the el day-o//night-o. [:

Posted by: xcarolineeex | August 5, 2009


ok so pretty muchhh i have moneys worth for atleast another month of bribble. so no, the beast deff isnt closing down again. sorry this is so up and down err hot and cold whatever you wanna call it.. but i guess fate just wants the beast to stay alive. and im totally down for that =p

ima start updating this more too. prolly with some random music when i have time n shit. try and make it less boring for you guysss. [:

Posted by: xcarolineeex | July 14, 2009

or nott. =p

hey guysss. i have good news [: blake is paying for the next month of bribble. so the beast will live on for atleast another month!


-carolineee [:

Posted by: xcarolineeex | July 9, 2009

end of beast chatbox ]:

hey guys.

sooo bribbles just too expencive for me.. i cant pay anymore. so for real this time, once it expires, its closing. im really sorry.. and this isnt a joke.. if you guys still want it up than you guys are gonna haveta find a way to pay me or something. cause i cant just keep paying by myself. if you guys can come up with about 20 USD [[thats about 13-15 euros]] a month, ill keep paying. but im not paying anymore. and if you do pay, ill make you an admin//mod and you’ll get everything.  comment below if you can//want to pay..

the bribble expires around this time next month. theres about 34 or 35 days left on it before it expires.

you all are amazingg. im gonna miss you guys tons.
you can add my MSN and AIM if you want.
and my MSN works on yahoo too..

and ill be on daytonas site once its up. ill post here once its up and running. there’ll be forums and everything. so you guys should check it out [:


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